You will either be excited or mildly disappointed by this post. Why? Because I spent the last month crunching the hell out of my time to work on CRUSH… and I made some drastic changes.

I felt the game was not going in the direction I had originally planned. I let the game go to my head. As the designer, I was trying to add things I thought players would want. The way I executed making this game was taking too long and complicated the code. I took a 10 second look in the mirror and said to myself, ” We got to roll this back.” - That’s what I did. 

Allow me to break down some of what I did:

  • Obviously you’ve notice the change with the arena art. More traditional to the 80’s & 90’s look.
  • I temporarily remove the light engine. (I need to update the entire thing)
  • Removed about 100mb of data and files.
  • Created 4 new arenas with enemies, and 3 bosses
  • Removed the item pickup pulse mechanic. It felt too confusing and I went back to good ol fashioned collide to pick up and use.

At this point the core of the game and round 1 of development is 90% finished. I would like to create 1 more arena + two bosses, but I’m pushing them to round 2 of development, which is polish (cut scenes, artwork, effects, sound, music, etc) and bug fixes. My goal is to update the game tomorrow.

So get early access and help me make this game… I need the funding.

Thank you friends.

Files 134 MB
Jun 02, 2019 130 MB
Jun 02, 2019 162 MB
Jun 02, 2019


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